Alpaca Personality

True that alpacas are excellent for their fleece and this is basically the only reason why many breeder and farmers love alpacas. However in the same breath must it be said that the situation for the survival of the alpaca does not look very good. In fact where their prices were reasonably steep which was good as farmers and breeders look after and took care of their animals, however it has changed dramatically.

When you take the breeding aspect for fleece out of the way and the fact that in South America people eat alpaca meat, we must look at another side of the alpaca and notice it for its personality too. Many people love referring to an alpaca that is kept as pet as a lovable lawnmower. It is indeed true that an alpaca is a gorgeous pet and incredibly lovable and friendly.

They are like any other animal and most certainly not a sheep or a cow that grazes out on the land when you decide to have an alpaca close to you. They exhibit individual personalities and even though they are herd animals, they love and more adore affection and attention. They love the companionship of friends, get stressed when suddenly separated from their buddies and love an established community. If you take a young alpaca however you could teach it just as you would be able to do with a dog.

They are gentle, very curious and loves and responds very well especially to children. It is much like a family affair and a toddler will even be safe with an alpaca as they are very predictable and calm too. They love their family members and when in a herd need the companionship and you will notice e when they are wary r frightened as they huddle together. They have excellent hearing and eyesight and warn a human of perceived danger with a staccato alarm call. They express themselves with a soft humming, head tilt, tail and ear positioning and other vocalization.