Alpaca Populations in Dire Situation

It is sad but very true when you read newspapers and online about the severe problems and neglect alpaca are lately subjected to. Currently and in very recent year many alpaca rescue organizations have been urging the overwhelmed farmers to surrender animals as the animal situation is desperately dire and not appearing to improve.

Many alpaca are being sold for meat which has been a common South American practice, as this is after all where they originated from. It attracts interest though as it should in all honesty not be done when their numbers are dangerously low and dropping due to mismanagement and improper breeding practices. Many alpaca owners do this as last resort in earning money off their alpaca instead of using them for their fleece.

A news report a few years back reported that thirty alpaca were rescued after a rescue operation got wind that they were being sold for manufacturing dog food. Alpaca rescue operation proliferated over the last years continue to try and find solutions and create awareness. Help from all sources are always welcomed and events held in order to generate money and donations for neglected and abandoned animals.

Recently celebrity Viggo Mortensen made a donation to a farm in Hudson valley who rescued severly neglected alpacas. Large corporations also raise awareness and funds such as the online casino comparison corporation Casinouzmani who raised funds through a Save our Alpacas event held in Missouri.

Also in Missouri Jodi Orton rescued a large surplus of unwanted alpacas by organizing an alpaca rescue group to herd over 200 diseased and starving animals back to his place and now nurse them back to good health. The reports of criminal neglect to alpacas, liquidations sales and frantic rescues of the alpacas are a very far cry from ten years ago when everybody heard via an extensive marketing campaign that alpacas is a sound and solid investment and people who could not afford it started buying alpacas without farming and alpaca breeding experience.