Female Alpaca Breeding

Farmers often blame their males when the female alpaca simply fail to produce, which could not be further from the truth. Once you are certain your male performs well and is healthy and potent you have to know if your female is a proven breeder or a maiden. There are different solutions for conceiving failure between the proven female and the maiden.

When you have a maiden the absence of courtship behaviour which include either rejection or receptivity it could indicate several problems. It could be behavioural or physical immaturity, an incomplete reproductive tract or insufficient hormonal response. Taking her to a camelid veterinarian will be able to diagnose the problem.

If it is a proven female that does not conceive while the male impregnates other females in the same time frame the female’s reproductive history must be studied first. She could be a problem or slow breeder as some female conceive yearly steadfastly, while other take a while to start conceiving again. Common causes also include presence of uterine infection and an experience veterinarian will fix that in no time.

This is where the main importance of having healthy animals come in as both participants must be healthy. It appear to be a normal and obvious suggestion however often overlooked either due to haste to breed or inexperienced farmers. Any animal including the alpaca must be selected for reproduction and females are often stressed more than the male.

She is often pushed back into reproduction before she had time to recover and lack nutrition after the last cria and the demand of having yet another. Everybody knows it is an animal but in so many ways should we not forget that they also need a breather and do not quite operate as simply as a rabbit that keeps on breeding non-stop.